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Size Guide

Our gloves are available in three standard sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

The size depends on the length of their hand as well as the length of either thumb or middle finger. Measuring does not have to be boring – let your child help!

  1. Let your child draw their hand on a piece of paper - use colour
  2. Get the ruler out
  3. Measure in centimetres the length of the finger for the required glove
  4. Colour in the hand

Go to our gloves and pick the size and colour your child needs and wants. 



Size / Approx. age fit


(4-6 years)


(7-9 years)


(10years +)

Finger Glove (Middle finger measure)

Up to 5cm

Up to 6cm

Up to 7cm





Thumb Glove (Thumb measure)

Up to 4cm

Up to 5cm

Up to 6cm





Tailor made: Should you need a different size or combination than our standard gloves then please get in touch. We are happy to try and accommodate your child’s needs.

The glove is specially designed so it will fit either hand.


 Please note: the Finger glove works for both combinations of middle/index finger or middle/ring finger.