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Size Guide

Choosing the right size if you have never tried our gloves before can be a bit daunting we know. We hope the below guidelines gives you confidence in which to choose. Please keep in mind also that our fabric is soft and stretchy.

Our standard gloves come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. For a tailor made glove we do however need a few measurements from you sent directly to us together with your order. 

The size normally depends on the length of the hand as well as the length of either thumb or middle finger. We have given an age guidance as well but we are all different in sizes irrespective of our age e.g. many adults would fit our size large but so might a 9 year old! It's always best to measure first. It is difficult enough to try and give up a habit so having a glove that fits comfortably can make all the difference to a person! 

If you are measuring for a younger child do encourage them to help by letting them draw their own hand on a piece of paper - maybe in different colours - and do the measuring with a ruler themselves! 




Size / Approx. age fit


(4-6 years)


(7-9 years)


(10years +)

X - Large


2Finger Glove*(Middle finger measure)





 3Finger Glove

 Use Finger and Thumb measurement together

Use Finger and Thumb measurement together 

Use Finger and Thumb measurement together 

Use Finger and Thumb measurement together

Thumb Glove (Thumb measure)





 Tailor Made 

Please send  measurements as per guidelines above

Fit all: Our gloves are specially designed to fit either hand. Our fabric is stretchy.

Our tailor made promise allows you one alteration free of charge if the glove doesn't fit as expected first time round. We are happy to then take your alteration instructions and send you a new one with the tweaks required. We do ask though that you take care when measuring allowing us best opportunity to get it right the first time. 


*Please note: the Finger glove works for both combinations of middle/index finger or middle/ring finger.