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Welcome to Fingers&Thumbs®

At Fingers&Thumbs® we help children, young teenagers and also some adults. We know from experience how difficult it can be to stop a habit of finger or thumb sucking. Our gloves also help with kicking habits such as skin picking, skin biting or compulsive hair pulling. We also offer tailor made options for post surgery or injury to specific fingers. Our gloves are also popular for those treating eczema on specific fingers.

Finger and Thumb sucking

We offer a glove for both thumb and finger sucking. Most of us use a soother from a very early age but when we get older and our adult teeth start coming in we might be advised by the dentist that it is time to stop as excessive sucking can cause malocclusion and may cause issues for our teeth later in life. Others just feel it is time to stop as they don't need their soother anymore just like a dummy is put away or the comfort blanket is no longer needed. For most is it not a problem at all and they find it quite easy to stop. For others it can be very very difficult. They may have developed a sucking habit and it can become really hard to stop. For some this can cause further health concerns such as sore blisters and wort like hard skin or for others it can make them feel embarrassed which can impact on socialising with friends and confidence in general.

Skin Picking | Skin Biting | Compulsive Hair Pulling

Dermatillomania and Trichotillomania can be very isolating for the person suffering with it. But it is important to remember that you are not alone. Research suggests that 1 in 20 suffer with dermatillomania. These Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours can be so difficult to deal with and we do recommend talking to a friend, family or seek help from your GP if you have concerns. Our Fingers&Thumbs® 3Finger Gloves are helpful during the process that is often referred to as 'Habit Reversal Training' but it is important to note that using a 3Finger glove is not a cure and is only meant as a help when the compulsion to pick, bite or pull kicks in. For many a visual deterrent is all that is needed for a short period of time but for others we recommend seeking further help to work through what might be a deeper underlying issue making the habit or compulsion start in the first place. 

Our gloves are specially designed for maximum comfort and great fit. If you have any questions or require further details about our gloves then please do get in touch. 

Why choose Fingers & Thumbs®

Our design is unique. It has no closing mechanism that scratches or itches the hand. The fabric is soft and elastic so the glove can easily be put on and taken off and is a great fit for our changing activities during the day. We have many colours to choose from and happy to take requests for tailor made needs. Our gloves are touch screen compatible.