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About us

Welcome to Fingers&Thumbs ®

We are a family owned business based in Kent, South East England.

All our gloves are made in the UK.

Our aim is to help those who find it really hard to stop their finger and thumb sucking habits or who suffer with their Body Focused Repetitive Behaviour and who might be struggling with Skin Picking or Trich. 

Our specially designed and comfortable thumb guards and finger gloves are not a cure but form part of what is know as Habit Reversal Treatment. Wearing a glove will allow you to carry on with all the daily activities without the feeling of being 'punished' but instead grow in confidence and start believing that it's possible to kick the habit. Our gloves are Touch Screen Compatible.

On our website you will also find further information which hopefully you will find helpful to supportive.

We have already had fantastic feedback from lots of families whose children have used our gloves and we would very much welcome your comments and reviews to help other families.

We would love to hear your feedback - both what we are doing well and also what we could do better.

Please let us know how you or the child your are helping is getting on or contact us for any further queries or help.


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