Fingers & Thumbs® Help to stop the habit of Finger and Thumb sucking | Skin Picking | Skin Biting | Compulsive Hair Pulling

Thumb Glove | Thumb Guard



Our Award Winning Fingers&Thumbs® glove has been designed for comfort and can be helpful for children and adults alike to stop their thumb sucking or skin picking habits. A glove may also be helpful as a protective cover when treating eczema or after an operation. We have designed our gloves with the user in mind so can easily be taken off and put on. It does not have a scratchy or difficult closing mechanism. It is made with soft stretchy fabric to allow full use of hand for our daily busy activities yet give that comforting feel at night time to keep it on and avoid the prolonged sucking. 
We recommend buying two or three gloves to ensure there is always one available when the urge to suck the thumb kicks in. This can be while watching television, during long car journeys and particularly the difficult time of kicking the habit when going to sleep. The prolonged thumb sucking during night time is where you might find the glove being most helpful.
Should you not find what you are looking for then please get in touch for a tailor made solution.
We do not recommend our gloves to children under 4 years old as most will stop by themselves when they get to that age.