Fingers & Thumbs® Help to stop the habit of Finger and Thumb sucking | Skin Picking | Skin Biting | Compulsive Hair Pulling

3Finger Glove | Dermatillomania | Trichotillomania | Stop Skin Picking

3Finger Glove | 3Finger Guard | Blue

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3Finger Glove | 3Finger Guard | Blue
3Finger Glove | 3Finger Guard | Blue
The Fingers&Thumbs® 3Finger glove has been designed for comfort and is particularly helpful for adults, teenagers and children who need a little help to kick a skin picking, skin biting or compulsive hair pulling habit. It is also helpful for those suffering with eczema and need protection for specific fingers or part of the hand.
The NHS recommend try using a glove for Habit Reversal with Body Focused Repetitive Behaviour (BFRB).

The specialised design minimises the discomfort that can arise from sweating between the fingers as may happen with other types of mitten-style finger guards.
We have designed our gloves with the user in mind so can easily be taken off and put on. There are no scratchy or difficult closing mechanisms. It is made with soft stretchy organic fabric to allow full use of hand for our daily busy activities. 

We hope that by using a Fingers&Thumbs® 3Finger glove might just give you that little extra confidence that you can get through it!
Price is per glove 
Touch Screen Compatible but less responsive than without a glove.
Our gloves can be a help to get you through a habit or temporary issue - they are not a cure in itself and there are never any guarantees. We recommend that you always seek medical help or reach out to one of the organisations such as OCDAction or British Skin Foundation if you are concerned about your own or someone else's specific habit. Habits can be caused by other underlying issues such as anxiety or stress and might need a different kind of attention and care further to using our gloves. We do not recommend our gloves to under 4 year olds.

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